Apply Today - Call for Applications for WPATH Student Initiative (WSI) Vice- Chair for 2022-2024 Term

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Subject: Apply Today - Call for Applications for WPATH Student Initiative (WSI) Vice- Chair for 2022-2024 Term
Date: November 28th 2022

WPATH Student Initiative Vice Chair
Due January 2, 2023
WPATH is seeking applications for our next WPATH Student Initiative (WSI) Vice Chair, who will go on (in 2024) to serve as Chair of WSI and Student Representative to the WPATH Board of Directors.
This elected position spans approximately 2 years
  • The elected person will serve as WSI Vice Chair from January 2023 until December 2023.
  • Beginning in January 2024, the elected person will assume the WSI Chair role until December 2024, including during the WPATH 28th Scientific Symposium in 2024.
The Vice Chair will spend the first year of their term working alongside the current Chair of the WSI (Casey Orozco-Poore).
This structure was adopted to ensure that at least two students will always be working together, providing the newly-elected Vice Chair time to learn the role and responsibilities from the Chair — allowing for a smoother transition. An annual election will be held for a new student to fill the Vice Chair role.
A successful student candidate should have a strong work ethic, be willing to devote sufficient time to WPATH business on an ongoing basis (approx. 2 hours per week), attend scheduled WSI meetings, and have the capacity to respond quickly to WPATH business. If elected, candidates are required to attend scheduled WPATH Board of Directors meetings. The Chair should also plan to attend the WPATH Biennial Scientific Symposium during their term (in 2024).
Ideal candidates are students who have personal and/or professional experience advocating for and serving transgender communities. We are also seeking to work with folks enthusiastic about collaborating with board members to improve WPATH. Candidates from underrepresented groups in healthcare are encouraged to apply, especially candidates located in underrepresented regions, particularly Africa, Latin America and Asia.
  • Candidates are required to be a current Student Member of WPATH (Paid Member Dues for 2022 and 2023).
  • Candidates must be currently enrolled as a student at the time of application. We define “student” by the same standards that WPATH does, hence if you are a student member of WPATH you are eligible for this role.
  • Ideally candidates will be a student for the entirety of their term (2 years), however we recognize that different countries have different educational calendars that may impact this. You may address this in your personal statement.
The newly elected WSI Vice Chair will take office in January 2023. 
If you are interested in the position of WSI Vice Chair role, please complete the application linked below by January 2, 2023 at 11:59pm EST (GMT-5). Applications must include both a personal statement and CV.
Click Here to Apply
Following January 2, 2023, the ballot will be sent (including your submitted personal statement) to WPATH student members via an online survey. All candidates that meet the eligibility requirements will be placed on the ballot. Once the ballot closes, the newly-elected Vice Chair will be announced to the membership.
If you have any questions about this process or the role, please email Casey Orozco-Poore (casey_poore@PROTECTED) and Lane Kantor (lanekantor@PROTECTED). 
Lane Kantor, MPH (they/them)
Chair - WPATH Student Initiative
Student Representative - WPATH Board of Directors
Casey Orozco-Poore, BS (they/them)
Vice Chair - WPATH Student Initiative
Student Representative-Elect - WPATH Board of Directors
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