Sunday, October 29 - Last Day to Add or Register for WPATH GEI Pre Courses at USPATH 2023 - Final Night Event Party Details

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Subject: Sunday, October 29 - Last Day to Add or Register for WPATH GEI Pre Courses at USPATH 2023 - Final Night Event Party Details
Date: October 26th 2023

 Dear USPATH Attendees

This is a final reminder that if you want to attend another or add a WPATH GEI pre-course at USPATH 2023, the final deadline to register is Sunday, October 29, 2023.

As an already registered attendee, you will need to reach out to us at wpath@PROTECTED to adjust your current registration, so please do so by Sunday, October 29, 2023. We will send you an invoice on Monday, October 30 to pay for the course(s) and it will be added to your current registration items once paid.

Click here to view the WPATH GEI schedule at USPATH 2023.

See below for course details.


We are thrilled to host the following WPATH GEI Pre Courses live-only at the Westin Westminster on November 1 and 2, 2023, prior to the USPATH 2023 Scientific Symposium. These Pre Courses are only available to attendees who plan to register and attend the live Symposium in Westminster. The WPATH GEI Pre Courses are organized and facilitated by the WPATH Global Education Institute.

WPATH GEI (2-Day) Foundations Course (November 1 + 2, 2023: 8:30am - 5:00pm MT)
The WPATH GEI (2-Day) Foundations Course is intended for healthcare professionals of all experience levels and specialties, this is a two-day training course that focuses on the importance of an interdisciplinary care team approach and cross-specialty foundational knowledge. It includes what all providers should know about gender development, mental health considerations, policy and ethical issues, primary care and preventative health, puberty blockers and hormonal treatment, surgical overviews and much more, with the implementation of the WPATH Standards of Care Version 8 and the Core Competencies. 
WPATH GEI (1-Day) Advanced Medical Course (November 1, 2023: 8:30am - 5:00pm MT)
The WPATH GEI (1-Day) Advanced Medical Course is a full-day training course that focuses on advanced hormonal treatment and complications, co-occurring conditions, general health, ongoing primary care and aging. An overview of gender-affirming surgeries as well as perioperative care will also be presented. Complicated case discussion helps to further understand care and treatment across multiple medical specialties. Presentation format includes didactic and interactive discussion.  
WPATH GEI (1-Day) Advanced Mental Health Course (November 1, 2023: 8:30am - 4:30pm MT)
The WPATH GEI (1-Day) Advanced Mental Health Course is a full-day training that dives into advanced psychotherapy topics across the lifespan, navigating therapy issues like counter transference, children of transgender people, reidentification, autism, trauma and complicated cases. Presentation format includes didactic and interactive discussion.
NEW! WPATH GEI Neurodiversity Intensive Workshop (November 1, 2023: 2:00pm - 5:00pm MT)
Co-led by: Finn Gratton, Ann Clawson, and John Strang
This will be a dynamic workshop with brief didactic instruction followed by participant-guided clinically-relevant discussions.
Topic areas:
  1. Frameworks and guidelines for working with autistic—and more broadly neurodivergent—gender-diverse people
  2. Neurodiversity-affirming practices across development
  3. Approaches for supporting gender care with neurodivergent people
  4. Cognitive, diagnostic, and neurodevelopmental considerations

We encourage participants to come with clinical questions, challenges, and solutions. Please feel invited to bring (deidentified) case examples to problem-solve together as a group.

Finn Gratton, LMFT, psychotherapist, educator, and writer specialized in the intersection of autism and transgender identities. Author of the book, “Supporting Autistic Transgender Youth and Adults”.

Ann Clawson, PhD, neuropsychologist specialized in the characterization of autism in gender diverse youth and gender-related care for autistic transgender youth.

John Strang, PsyD, Research and Clinical Director, Gender and Autism Program (Children’s National Hospital). Co-author of WPATH SOC 8 Child and Adolescent chapters.

WPATH GEI Advanced Child & Adolescent Workshop (November 2, 2023: 10:00am - 4:00pm MT)
The WPATH GEI Advanced Child & Adolescent Workshop is an advanced workshop that includes information on assessment, hormones and fertility, sexual health for adolescents, and working with parents and families. Case-based discussions are an integral part of this intensive workshop. WPATH GEI Advanced Workshops are a part of our advanced track and are intended for those who have already completed the Foundations Course. 
NEW! WPATH GEI Pediatric Endocrinology Workshop (November 2, 2023: 9:00am - 1:00pm MT)
The WPATH GEI Pediatric Endocrinology Workshop is an intensive 4-hour workshop that will feature case-based discussion and Q&A on topics in pediatric endocrinology. The goal is an interactive, in-depth exchange of ideas, experience, and expertise between panelists and attendees. 

Saturday, November 4, 2023 at 7:00pm

Don’t be a drag, come as you are, or as a queen, or a king, and plan to laugh, dance, and let go at the Diva Dance Party!

*The Final Night Event is open to and included for attendees who are registered for the USPATH 2023 Main Conference only. Registered attendees may purchase up to 1 Guest ticket. These will be available for $75USD and can only be purchased at onsite registration. All attendees at the final night event, will need their meeting badge to attend the event. Guests will receive their badge as they check in for the event.

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