Join WPATH's Book Club THIS FRIDAY – Brazilian Series featuring Lino Arruda and Lui Castanho

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Subject: Join WPATH's Book Club THIS FRIDAY – Brazilian Series featuring Lino Arruda and Lui Castanho
Date: October 11th 2023

Series Coordinators: Lin Fraser, EdD, MFT and Sanjay Sharma, MBBS
Moderated by: Victor Namur

The Brazilian series of the WPATH Book Club will continue with the late Dr. Michael Marshall’s vision for the WPATH Book Club, for attendees to continue learning about trans people and their literature/art from the Global South.

We are pleased to announce that Lino Arruda and Lui Castanho will be the upcoming featured guests for the second installment of the WPATH Book Club Brazilian SeriesWPATH is committed to bettering transgender and gender diverse lives across the globe, this is an exciting opportunity to hear from some prominent transgender and gender diverse voices with the Brazilian Series.

FREE for WPATH Members                   

$25 for Non-members ($7 for LIEC)

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“Monstrans, Experimenting with Horrormones”

Awarded “Best LGBTQ Book of 2021 and a finalist for the Goldie Awards
and Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Watch an English or Portuguese introductory video from Lino Arruda about this installment of the WPATH Book Club!

Lino Arruda

Lino Arruda is a Brazilian artist, illustrator, graphic novelist, and researcher. He is known for the autobiographical comic book Monstrans: Experiencing Horrormones, which was awarded by Itaú Cultural's Itaú Rumos fund. The work received the MixBrasil award, in 2021, in the category of best LGBTQIA+ book of the year and is a finalist for the Golden Crown Literary Society's 2022 Goldie awards, in the non-fiction category.

Arruda is a trans man and often writes and researches on LGBTQIA+ topics. He earned a master’s degree in art history and a doctorate in Literature and both processes inspired his artistic productions. In addition to Monstrans, the artist has also published the zines Anomalina (2014), Novo Corte de Peitos (2018), Quimer(d)a (2015) and Sapatoons (2011). He currently writes the transfuturist comic CISFORIA: The worst of both worlds with the support of the ProAC fund.

Lui Castanho

My name is Lui Castanho, I'm 31 years old, I'm transmasculine and passionate about stories. My first contact with scripting was in 2018, when I started (in partnership with Cassio Kelm) the development of the feature film "Valsa de Luan", with the production of Grafo Audiovisual. The project went through several laboratories, including 3 Puertos Cine, and its development was financed through the FSA.

It was with this project that I truly fell in love with screenwriting and, in 2019, I made the decision to invest in screenwriting as my main job. Until then, my focus had always been circus arts, an area in which I worked (and still occasionally work) with acrobatics, clowning and, above all, dramaturgy. Since 2019, therefore, I have invested in training. As I lived in Florianópolis/SC until the beginning of 2020, much of my study was on my own. Arriving in São Paulo along with the pandemic, I invested in online training and took some courses through the Barco, Navega platform and participated in NPA 'Master-Classes'.

The pandemic also made it possible for me to practice my role as a scriptwriter within the circus arts, as Circus creations became for audiovisual enjoyment. In this sense, I wrote "Planeta Xuca" and "Noite de Núpcias" works that are between a circus act and a short film) and worked as a screenwriter for the documentary "Transgeneridade e Circo" (PROAC 2020/16).

I'm currently working on finalizing the script for the feature film "Valsa de Luan" (with Cássio Kelm; FSA 2019) and I have just finished the script for the Graphic Novel "Cisforia" (with Lino Arruda; PROAC 2021/20).

In addition, I provided script consultancy for some projects, with emphasis on the feature film "Deserto Particular" (2021), winner of the audience award at the Venice festival and Brazil's representative at the 2022 Oscars; and for the Graphic Novel "Monstrans: Experimentando Horrormônios" (2021), by Lino Arruda, winner of the Mix Literário 2021 award.

Victor Namur

Moderator - Victor Namur is a clinical psychologist currently based in São Paulo, Brazil, he holds a master's degree in neurodevelopmental conditions. Throughout his academic career, he conducted research in the fields of neuroscience and behaviour analysis. Currently, he works as a therapeutic companion for neurodivergent children, clinical psychologist, consultant, and professor in the areas of mental health, inclusion, neurodiversity, gender, and sexuality. In addition, he is also a faculty member of WPATH's GEI Program.

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