WPATH Condemns Dangerous Misinformation

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Subject: WPATH Condemns Dangerous Misinformation
Date: September 23rd 2022

September 23, 2022

WPATH Condemns Dangerous Misinformation

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) condemns recent misinformation targeting Dr. Amy Tishelman,PhD, the lead author of the Child Chapter of the Standards of Care 8. Defamatory reports have not only misidentified her WPATH role but also completely misrepresented comments she made at the recent WPATH Symposium.

Dr. Tishelman never mentioned anything related to medical or surgical management of transgender adolescents or the ages at which such care is appropriate. Dr. Tishelman’s presentation, instead, included information on best practices for helping transgender and gender diverse prepubescent children with therapeutic support (not medical care). Excerpts of the doctor’s comments were taken out of context, twisted and used to spread hate and lies on social media.

These actions are part of a pattern of dangerous and vitriolic rhetoric designed to put transgender people and their caregivers in harm’s way. As WPATH and USPATH recently articulated in a joint statement: “We are appalled at the specter of clinics and individual healthcare providers being harassed and having to engage armed security personnel. WPATH and USPATH call on all Americans to reject this repulsive and threatening behavior.”

WPATH continues to stand with dedicated practitioners like Dr. Tishelman and all SOC 8 authors who have committed themselves to improving the lives of transgender and gender diverse people.



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